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Music at QMUL

Practice Rooms

The only way to book a music practice room is by emailing

You will need to check the calendar for the room to find a free slot. You can find out how to do that HERE.

You should then email with the slot that you would like to book. The booking inbox is checked once a day, in the morning. Therefore you will need to give at least 24 hours’ notice of your requested booking.

Due to COVID-19, there are now additional rules that users of the room are required to follow.


  1. There is hand sanitiser placed at the door of the practice rooms. You must use this before you enter the practice room and when you leave.
  2. You are required to wipe any instrument or equipment before you use it and after you have used it. Antibacterial wipes have been placed in the rooms near the door.
  3. There are now limits on room occupancy. Both of our Basement Room One has a limit of six people. Basement Room Two has a limit of four people.
  4. You must socially distance whilst using the room. You must keep one metre between each user at all times in the basement rooms. You must keep two metres between each user in the Main Music Room.
  5. Rooms should always be left as you expect to find them, clean and tidy. Take all rubbish with you when you leave the room.
  6. Loud instruments cannot be played if the meeting room, LG01, is in use. If you are, at any point, asked to stop playing by a member of staff, you must.
  7. Guitarists must bring their own guitars and amp cables.
  8. Drummers must bring their own sticks.

Additional information

  • The Piano Room is booked via the Queens' Building reception, on a first-come-first-served basis, and not via However, all of our rooms have pianos in.
  • The Main Music Room is bookable via in the same way. However, booking is restricted to music scholars and those given direct permission from the Director of Music, Paul Edlin. This room has an occupancy limit of four people. This room can only be used with the windows open and two metres social distance must be maintained. You may want to wear extra layers in the colder months.
  • People who are part of the same household will be considered one person. This means, in some circumstances, room capacities can increase but only as much as can be accommodated whilst social distancing from those not in your household. As such we will limit the maximum occupancy of any music room to six people.
  • In line with government advice singers and brass musicians are allowed to practice provided they properly socially distance.
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